The Voiceof Ezekiel’s Project

Ezekiel’s Project derives from the most traumatic event of my personal life, the loss of my child.

Although I desired healing, I was unaware of the tools or resources needed. I struggled with anxiety, negative thinking, and uncertainty. 

Desiring to be happy and thriving, intentionality of personal healing was required. I prioritized my healing, and as a result, I am able to assist others in their journey. I fueled my passion for speaking, encouraging others, and educating, into a successful business. While I would prefer life without tragedies, rather than dwelling on things beyond my control, I take control of the things that I can. I went from merely surviving, to thriving in life, and so can you.

Ezekiel’s Project is designed to assist individuals, and communities, in addressing and healing through traumas, to ultimately become the best versions of themselves.

Ezekiel’s Project services include:

Life Coach, Speaker, Advocacy, and Facilitator