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Creating a personalized self care plan is one of the first steps to healing.

Thriving beyond trauma

If I were to illustrate healing from trauma, those images would include things such as suffocating, dry bones, graves, and all things that appear to be without hope. If I illustrated healing from trauma, those images would include things like butterflies, flowers, the sun, and all things that represent new life.

A caterpillar can become a butterfly, weeds can become flowers, and rainy days can become sunny ones.

Healing from trauma is a process that, with the proper tools and resources, will result in a thriving life.

Do I need healing from trauma?

Trauma Impacted

Negative thinking



When trauma has been experienced once, multiple times, or over a period of time, the brain may not always properly process the event. To effectively heal from the effects of trauma, the brain may need to be “rewired”. In order to rewire the brain, resulting in processing of past traumas, and to effectively process future traumas, individuals are assisted in promoting healthy thoughts, as replacements for negative ones. 

The tools and resources acquired by working with Ezekiel’s Project will allow clients to live a thriving life.

Healing is Possible

In my personal experience with complex trauma, time does not heal all wounds. While time passes us by, whether we are doing something productive with it or not, the unaddressed trauma in our life does not disappear or heal without intentional steps. 

When you make the decision to begin healing today, we will work on things such as:

Trauma can cause stagnation, or it can be the trajectory to change your life.

— Shonique, Founder of Ezekiel’s Project —

The voice of Ezekiel's Project

Ezekiel’s Project derives from the most traumatic event of my personal life, the loss of my child. Although I desired healing, I was unaware of the tools or resources needed. I struggled with anxiety, negative thinking, and uncertainty, as I attempted to cope with grief & loss. 

Desiring to be happy and thriving, intentionality of personal healing was required. I prioritized my healing, and as a result, I am able to assist others in their journey. I fueled my passion for speaking, encouraging others, and educating, into a successful business. 

While I would prefer life without tragedies, rather than dwelling on things beyond my control, I take control of the things that I can. I went from merely surviving, to thriving in life, and so can you.

Ezekiel’s Project is designed to assist individuals, and communities, in addressing and healing through traumas, to ultimately become the best versions of themselves.


Overcomer of
Complex Trauma

California Domestic Violence Advocate Training (DVAT)

Bachelor’s degree
in Psychology,
minor in Addiction
Master’s degree in
Legal Studies

Ezekiel's Project Services

Areas You & Shonique can work together

Life Coach

As a life coach, I offer individual coaching services.
Choose from trauma informed, transformational, empowerment, or a combination.


Specialized speaker in Inspirational, Keynote, and Motivational speaking.

Services available for various groups, events, conferences, etcetera.


Public speaking for advocacy, including Moderator and Panelist. Areas of expertise including without limitation to, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and social justice.


Training of various trauma services to promote education, awareness, and alternatives. Education consists of cycles of abuse, types and signs of domestic violence, transformative justice, and more.

Life Coach

As a life coach I provide individuals with the tools and resources needed to thrive in life. My combination of life experiences, a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in addiction, and work history, all assist in creating effective individualized healing plans. 

While I offer life coaching services to those not impacted by trauma, those who have experienced trauma, can trust my ability to create an individualized plan catering to their needs.


Speaking is one of the most effective methods available to convey a message. As a speaker, I discuss multiple areas of trauma, as well as effective steps to overcome such events. Areas of expertise include: domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental health, women empowerment, and more.

I am able to provide various audiences with an authentic experience online or in-person.


As an expert speaker, I use my voice to offer public speaking for advocacy, including as a Moderator or Panelist, for various causes. Speciality areas include, without limitation to: domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, mental health, foster care, criminal legal system, and transformative justice.

Online and in-person opportunities available.


When providing training and facilitation of trauma services, the overall goal is to educate, raise awareness, and discuss alternatives. As a facilitator, I highlight areas such as history of subject, cause, symptoms, alternatives, action plans, etcetera. 

Please contact me via email with the training subject/courses needed for your audience (list below not inclusive).

Services provided in-person and online.

Impact of working with Shonique

“Shonique listens, without judgment, accepts your flaws, mistakes, and imperfections. She’s vulnerable about her own adversities she’s overcome. She teaches that your adversity can be a blessing in disguise, although you may not think so initially, it can make you stronger and wiser.

She’s been a great motivation in my life and gave extra effort to me whenever I stumbled. “Always Pray” as she would say. Without the blessing and motivation, sharing encouraging text, Bible verses or devotionals, I wouldn’t have realized that the struggle has a purpose.”

— Journey

“Shonique Williams is a powerful advocate, who uses her voice, and lived experiences, to motivate and inspire others to rise above the challenges of their past, embracing transformation and healing. She is an authentic leader and inspirational speaker, down to earth, and connects with audiences instantly, because of her vulnerability. Her passion and ferocious advocacy resonates with people and allows them to see hope through her life experiences. She is tenacious in her fight for justice and is a force to be reckoned with. Shonique is an impressive woman who continues to lead, and challenge the status quo to transform the systems of oppression that continue to plague marginalized communities and communities of color.”

— Rueben

“An honor and immense pleasure having Shonique Williams as a panelist for “Transformative Justice at the Claremont Colleges.” Shonique possesses an extraordinary ability to speak about abolitionist concepts in accessible ways, using storytelling and personal narratives. She constructively challenged other panelists’ ideas, creating a more engaging and productive conversation around political organizing for transformative justice. Shonique discussed the importance of transformative justice, and challenged the audience, and Claremont College Consortium community, to imagine the steps required to begin implementing transformative justice practices in our communities. Her presence and ideas ensured that organizing efforts for transformative justice would continue well beyond the panel itself.”

— Sophie

“I’ve witnessed the strength and resolve of Shonique as she has overcome adversity and beat unfavorable odds in life. Although she has experienced many challenges in life that many would not fathom, she was able to redirect the traumas into a learning experience, not only to help better herself, but also help others overcome their own trauma, or avoid unfavorable pitfalls all together. 

She has a passion for helping others, a love for the Lord, and tenacity to press forward in all areas of life.”

— Joshua

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Healing begins right now

If I understood that my unresolved trauma would complicate the ability for me to process trauma in the future, I would have sought healing long before I did.

The reality of life is, trauma is inevitable, however we have the power to lessen the impact, and that power stems from mindset. 

Once I became intentional about healing from my complex trauma, I was able to carry the newfound wisdom, from the tools and resources of my healing journey, with me everywhere. I now speak, listen, and process with a clarity that the unhealed version of myself dreamed of. I can confidently say I am the best version of myself, and I will only continue to evolve into a greater version each and every day.

I desire for you to experience the freedom of healing by committing to your personal healing journey today. I look forward to speaking with you.

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